Work Hardening

Engineered Sports is excited to offer an L&I compliant, holistic and quality Work Hardening program. The goal of the Work Hardening program is to assist clients in regaining their physical capacity and functional tolerances to return to work. Successful completion of the program will assist with case resolution.

The program will be led by quality trained Occupational and Physical Therapists and their assistants. Mentorship and quality assurance will be performed to maintain the most current best practices for the industrial rehab program.

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About Us:

Engineered Sports is a sports physical therapy facility. We are dedicated to helping athletes and people who lead active lifestyles train their bodies and improve their health. Contact us or visit one of our locations for assistance with performance physical therapy, work conditioning, and more.

Work Conditioning

How can an injured worker qualify to participate in the Engineered Sports Therapy Work Hardening program?

  • The injured worker should have a feasible return to work goal and job analysis.
  • The attending physician on the claim sends a referral to Engineered Sports
  • Authorization from the Claims Manager will need to be granted and received by Engineered Sports.
  • The injured worker should be willing to fully participate and put forth high-levels of effort throughout the program.

What the Engineered Sports – Work Hardening program provides:

  • Clients will have thorough evaluations with trained OT’s and PT’s for initial evaluation, progress reports and at the time of discharge.
  • Treatment plans tailored specific to each client’s injury and their specific return-to-work goal(s).
  • Clients will be educated on the importance of their participation in the work hardening program, the expectations of them putting forth high-levels of effort and providing staff  with reliable reports of their pain and disability regarding their physical abilities.  The Staff will work with the Client on symptom management techniques and posture modification so that the Client is able to participate fully in their treatment program while providing high-levels of effort.
  • Weekly flowsheets and progressions created by primary OT and PT’s
  • Staff instruction for exercises, use of equipment, work circuit, job simulation tasks and safety with use of tools, how to progress their exercise and work circuit programs per primary therapists’ plan.
  • Education classes will be given 2-3x/wk and will include topics of:
    • Body mechanics
    • Activities of daily living and ways to navigate your functional life
    • Leisure (remember that Leisure is an occupation)
    • Mindfulness
    • L&I and workers’ rights
    • Nutrition
    • Exercise classes will include:
      • Pilates
      • Yoga (Restorative/Yin/Meditation)
      • Thai Chi
      • Self-management strategies/Recovery
    • Instructions on individual Home Exercise Programs will be provided. Clients will be provided with handouts and may be provided with some equipment when appropriate for home use (i.e.: TheraBand, Thera-putty).
    • Weekly check-ins with primary therapists for review of client’s progress, their goals, expectations for the following week and discussion for any concerns or needs for modifications of the treatment plan.
    • Close communication will occur with all stakeholders on the claim throughout the program (may include: Attending Physician, Claims Manager, Vocational Rehab Counselors, Nurse Case Managers, Employer Rep). Any concerns or barriers to progressing and/or meeting return work goals will be addressed early on in the program to collaborate on the best plan of care.


Come learn more about how Engineered Sports-Work Hardening can help you bridge the GAP between injury and return-to-work!

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