Tactical Performance Training

As a police officer, firefighter, or active military,  the physical demands on your body can be tremendous. At any moment you can be placed in a dangerous or life threatening situation that challenges your strength, agility and stamina.

At Engineered Sports we recognize the physical stresses that you face in the line of duty and the fact that you put your life on the line in the name of honor, country and code. That is why we have customized a year-around, tactical training program to meet the demands of your job, improve occupational performance and reduce the risk of injury.


Our Tactical Tactical Performance Training Programs emphasize power & strength, speed & agility, and flexibility to keep you safe and healthy as a serviceman. In addition, our Matrix Athletix training programs integrate physical therapy, nutrition and education. We also include baseline performance testing, a Functional Movement Screen, and a biomechanical assessment to help establish your individual training goals.

As a former Marine and Veteran, and founder of Engineered Sports Therapy, I can assure you that our team takes great pride in training our other tactical athletes. We are proud of your service to our country and our community. Semper Fi.

Engineered Sports Therapy has set the standard for rehab and sports training in Snohomish County. Their programs are like finding the fountain of youth. I am able to physically do things that I hadn’t been able to do in years.

-Jason Blachly, South County Firefighter


Tactical Performance Training