Over the years, massage therapy has become increasingly popular. Now, everyone from grandparents to elite athletes are getting massages, and for good reason. Therapeutic massage can quicken the recovery of various injuries, help prevent new ones, and reduce overall stress and tension in the body. At Engineered Sports, whether you are already receiving treatment from our facility or not, starting massage therapy may be a great option for you. 


Continue reading below for some of the styles and techniques our massage therapist uses


Deep Tissue Treatment: This type of massage targets muscle and tissue deep in the body and can help rehabilitate injured muscles, reduce symptoms of arthritis, break up scar tissue, and lower blood pressure. This may not be the most relaxing kind of massage available but it’s extremely beneficial for your muscles and deeper tissues. 


Massage for an injury: This type of massage focuses on speeding up your body’s natural healing process. Some additional benefits of this type of massage include increasing vital nutrients and oxygen to the injury site, stretching tight muscles, and increasing blood circulation to the injured area. 


Sports Massage: This style of massage helps athletes and active people maintain or improve their fitness level and to help prevent injury. Sports massage largely focuses on increasing flexibility, range of motion in joints, decreasing soreness and muscle tightness, preventing muscle spasms, and breaking up fascial adhesions. 


Cupping Therapy and Gua Sha Scraping: These two techniques might look intimidating, but they are grounded in ancient tradition and modern therapies. “Cupping” uses cups that suction to your skin, increasing the circulation to that area and are most commonly used on the back, neck, and shoulders. Gua Sha scraping uses a hand-held tool that gently scrapes your skin and underlying tissues. This can help release fascial adhesions and promote greater range of motion in the joints. Both of these techniques have a host of benefits that include promoting circulation, healing scar tissue, reducing fascial adhesions, increasing joint range of motion, and easing headaches.


Relaxation and Hot Stone Massage: Now, this may be what you first thought of when reading about massage therapy. In addition to being relaxing, this kind of massage is wonderful for your mental and physical health. Some benefits include boosting immunity, promoting better sleep, decreasing tension in the body, easing headaches, and lowering overall stress. 


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Our Massage Therapist accepts L&I claims, cash-pay, and Motor Vehicle Personal Injury Insurance.


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