We’ve put together a list of 10 fitness exercises that are designed to improve your performance and decrease the risk of injury. We demonstrate each exercise in a way that is easy to follow in the videos below. Take a look!

1. Glute Activation with Mini Band

Sets & Reps: 2 X 50

A) Lying on the back and open both knees at the same time – 10X
B) Lying on back, open the right knee – 10X
C) Lying on back, open the left knee – 10X
D) Lying on left side with knees bent (clamshell position), open right knee to ceiling – 10X
E) Lying on right side with knees bent (clamshell position), open left knee to ceiling – 10X

Repeat this entire circuit 2 times.

Rationale: A good core needs a strong butt. This exercise is a great for turning-on the butt muscles so that you are better prepared for work-related lifting activities, particularly from the floor to waist height.

2. Knee-to-Chest with Lunge-and-Twist

Distance: 100 feet

Rationale: This is one of the greatest dynamic flexibility fitness exercises that promotes mobility in the hips, the spine and the shoulders. If you do not have space to do this exercise, perform 10 reps in place.

3. Box Step with Medicine Ball Overhead Press

Sets & Reps: 1 minute for each leg

Equipment: 6-8-inch box. 8-10 pound medicine ball.

Rationale: This exercise is effective for those jobs that require climbing activities, such as stairs or ladders. The medicine ball overhead press will help to build shoulder strength so that you can work stronger for longer above shoulder height.

4. Deadlift (Floor-to-Waist Lifting)

Sets & Reps: 2 x 10

Equipment: Dumbbell or kettlebell

Suggested weight: Choose a weight that is 75-100% of what your job requires.

Rationale: Many jobs require that you lift from the floor to waist height during the day. This is a great exercise to help build this strength and may help to reduce the risk of injuries to your back.

5. Farmers Carry for Your Fitness Exercises

Sets & Distance: 3 x 100 feet

Equipment: Dumbbells

Suggested Weight: Choose a weight that is 50-100% of what your job requires you to lift.

Rationale: If your job requires lifting and carrying objects on a regular basis then this is one of the best fitness exercises for you which not only helps with your lifting capacity and endurance but your grip strength and posture as well.

6. Dumbbell Alternating Overhead Press

Sets & Reps: 2 x 1 minute

Equipment: Dumbbells

Suggested Weight: 3-8 pounds

Rationale: Injuries to the shoulder often occur with repetitive overhead work activities. This exercise will help to reduce the risk of overhead shoulder injuries while improving shoulder strength, endurance, and stability.

7. 90/90 Shoulder IR/ER

Sets & Reps: 1 x 30 reps each. (1 x 30 reps for both internal rotation and external rotation)

Equipment: Tubing or resistance bands

Suggested Resistance: Medium resistance

Rationale: The rotator cuff is often a source of pain secondary to overuse which can lead to tendonitis, and ultimately fraying and tearing of the tendon if not addressed accordingly. This exercise is a great strategy for maintaining shoulder health in the joint, muscles and tendons.

8. Prone Plank

Sets & Time: 2 x 30 seconds

Equipment: Your body

Rationale: Simple, not easy, exercise that promotes general core strength. Core strength is critical to protecting your back throughout the day, particularly with physical labor jobs.

9. Prone Press-Up

Reps & Time: 10 reps, hold for 5 seconds each

Rationale: When your day is filled with sitting, lifting and bending forward this is a great way to rewind and realign, keeping your low back and disks healthy and flexible.

10. Foam Roll Pec Stretch

Time: 2 minutes

Equipment: Foam Roll

Rationale: Another great workout from this fitness exercises series that will help you rewind, realign and recover at the end of the day, particularly if your day is spent in traffic and at a computer station for extended periods of time. By simply lying on a foam roll and opening your arms out to the side, you will get a good stretch through the pec muscles, thus promoting improved posture and spinal alignment.

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