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Engineered Sports Facility

Sports Physical Therapy at Engineered Sports

Engineered Sports is a sports-healthcare facility dedicated to establishing a higher system of rehabilitation and performance training. We are pioneering advanced levels of performance physical therapy and sports conditioning, setting the standard as the ring leaders in Western Washington by establishing the first performance training facility of its kind that integrates physical therapists, sports performance coaches, athletic trainers, nutritionists and massage therapists, all under one roof. Learn more →

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Set in downtown Everett, Washington, our 15,000 square foot indoor/outdoor facility holds some of the best training and rehab equipment from the industry leaders. Come experience the only training facility of its kind in Washington State, a true athlete’s refuge. You will soon discover why athletes keep coming back year after year to train, and why Doctors choose Engineered Sports for their patient’s rehabilitation.

Engineered Sports Training Facility
Concussion Management

Concussion Management

As a local leader in integrating physical therapy, sport performance and nutrition education,Engineered Sports Therapy has taken the lead in the community to ensure that our athletes are receiving the best care possible in concussion management and brain injuries. Remember, all concussions are serious. It’s better to miss one game than the whole season.

Dance Medicine

Dance medicine is the practice of healing and preventing dance-related in juries through physical therapy, rehabilitation services, and physical training for dancers. The care revolves around the dancer as a whole, looking at not only physical health, but also looking at nutrition and mental state. These services are meant to balance the flexibility and strength within the dance body to help prevent future injury.

Dance Medicine

Sports and Physical Therapy Blog

How to Prevent Hamstring Injuries

It has been argued that the solution of hamstring injuries lies in prevention techniques such as using appropriate exercises and training protocols, rather than in treatment alone. Turner compiled a list of exercises (below) proven by research to be effective in helping to prevent hamstring strains.

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Work Conditioning Programs That Get You Back to Work Faster

Specialized work conditioning programs bridge the gap between physical therapy and full-duty work. A good program consists of corrective exercise and functional activities that promote improved work capacity. Learn more about the key attributes of an effective work conditioning program.

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